Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The work of an instant...

Goodness it's been a while. But I've decided to make myself have a breather and accept that Paradise Lost is not going to get read in the next hour or so. So important to take time over these things is it not? I actually had some other present posts lined up, but to stop this blog being too 'Look at my new things!' I'll intersperse them with these pics. I've been meaning to scan these in for a while, they're from a Polaroid 300 (Basically a Fujifilm Instax mini) which my mother won and I promptly adopted. I'm still working out how to guess the light properly, but I still love these shots. And they make rather nice tags for personalised presents, if I do say so myself, which is why I only ended up with four to scan in here...

Christchurch Meadows Oxford on the left, though it was not that dark! And blackberrying on the right in Cheltenham

Also, again if anyone is in the London area THIS FRIDAY then do please come along to the Centre of Possible Studies for the Fabelist IMPRINT festival, it's going to be an incredible day, and hopefully my beautiful camera will be there too, as I've just had 50 more instant film sheets delivered. Waiting is overrated.Have a lovely week everyone..hopefully there'll be a new post soon, I have some very exciting things to share!

Rococo Gardens, from my post here
Scanner cut off the border....also turns out close up doesn't work so well.  A lense is on my wishlist!


  1. These are amazing!! Can't wait to see more!! xx

  2. oh my goodness amy! those are great. i never wanted to stray from my polaroid but after seeing these...
    also, it's been a while. how have you been? :)