Sunday, 29 January 2012

Wait a minute Mr Postman...

Just a very short one tonight, because I can't resist showing you some of the lovely things that have arrived in the post or by courier (aka my lovely parents) this week. There'll be a nice long post on the IMPRINT exhibition from Friday coming up, so watch out for that. Such a brilliant day, full of inspirational art and lovely people, so a huge thank you to everyone. 
Until then; the Topshop Dalmation Coat arrived from my parents on tuesday, a complete and fantastic suprise! The film is for more instant snapping with my Polaroid 300, so I now have 50 more potential shots, thank you ebay. And that floral saddle bag was from the gorgeous Tieka at Selective Potential from a Christmas giveaway, perfect for little jaunts when I don't need to take the world and all its books with me. Just waiting for the rain to let up a bit for all of these beauties to be put into action...Hope you all have a lovely week, mine's shaping up to be quite exciting. Also I promise there WILL be more baking related posts soon, Don't know about you but I've missed them!

Mmmmmmm nice warm faux-dalmatian


  1. Hi Blackberry,
    Just to tell you I linked to your blog, as it is a favourite :)
    Keep it up!
    /Sanne -

  2. Love the coat and the bag!!

    Kisses Anne