Friday, 6 January 2012

Farewell to festivity, byebye to baubles, toodlepip to tinsel...

You'll have to wait for the explanation, I'm afraid I couldn't to share the photo

So, today (or yesterday, depending on where you start counting from) is Twelfth Night, the traditional day on which decorations must come down, and so the official end of Christmas. Sigh. Drawing close to the end of my holidays as well, which means last minute work rush, packing, baking and fare-the-well-ing. But to cling onto the festive period as long as possible, I thought I'd share some of the lovely lovely things I was given (Birthday posts to follow) an idea shamelessly copied from the equally lovely Anna (apologies.) It was such a good holiday, and I'm so grateful, that hopefully you'll allow some self-indulgent sharing of the gorgeousness. Note the several themes that seem to be appearing here, highlighting some of my favourite things; Austen, GBBO, collars, red. And my hunt for the perfect satchel is at last over! Merriment all round! 

Also the new Fabelist Journal 'Imprint' has been released, please do take a look at it, once again some very talented people have produced wonderful things! And if you're in London (or fancy a trip) there's the Imprint Festival on 27th January, come and see what this art community is all about. 

Just in case you can't quite see; The Great British Bake Off book, The Boy who Bakes (year before last's winner Ed's book) a Jane Austen biography and her Juvenalia, bow bag, mittens, collared blouses, SATCHEL, and Topshop pearl collar.Perfection.

There may have been a few tears shed at the beauty of this bag...

Nice little collection of collars i think


  1. Not copied at all I think everyone does this! :) IS THAT A REAL CAMBRIDGE SATCHEL??? I am so jel! I want a navy one with gold "A L" embossed on it but its sooo much moneyyyyyy. That Clair Tomalin book is meant to be amazing!

    but seriously that satchel yum yum

  2. Definitely see why this satchel excites you so much! :) x

  3. what a satchel, its a beauty! the collars are equally lovely, as well as all your wonderful other gifts.

  4. I love that red bag! =)

  5. ohh love your cambridge satchel, and the shirt with the peter pan collar is just adorable!

  6. oh these photos are amazing.. i love the tops and the book and THE SATCHEL. AMAZING! ohh seeing this picture.. so inspiring!

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  8. Hi Blackberry,
    Loving your choice of colours - red back, green shirt! I really must have blouses with collars too, they are so cute in that retro style.
    I run a fashion blog at (I'm Danish), and I realised we've got the same fonts. I hope you won't think I stole your "look" (which I love, btw) - I actually selected them before seing your blog!
    Anyway, great pictures. I used to live in Cheltenham, so getting very nostalgic!

  9. What a gorgeous collar! That bag is a gorgeous color, too!

  10. I adore that bag!

    xo jennifer