Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Cards, Keys and Capes...

Aka. Summer Shopping! I've been a'travelling again, just a short (both distance and time-wise) journey up to St.Albans to stay with my lovely uni friend Rachel hence my slight laziness on the posting front. With both London and St Albans adventures, I've overloaded myself with fantastic places and less fantastic photos, so wanted to take a quick breather and share a slightly different post. Basically I found some lovely things lately; charity shops, markets, Urban Outfitters, museums, graveyards (I kid ye not.) The last two are cheating slightly. I've been finding myself buying a lot of postcards lately; they're mostly nice and cheap, a nice momento and an easy way of personalising a space, I'm planning a big collage of them in my uni room next year. Hope everyone's having a good week!

Also I realise the distinct lack of recipe posts lately. It shall be addressed forthwith, I doubt I'll be able to resist getting back in the kitchen before long...


Blouse: Urban Outfitters Sale. Postcards: Imperial War Museum. Key and Stamp: Covent Garden Antique and Vintage Market

Future necklace perhaps? And an encouragement to write more letters...least that was my excuse


Navy cable knit cape and cropped blouse: Charity shops (sorry I can't remember which ones, but they were excellent!)

Peter Rabbit, black and white and floral postcards: Fleetville Vintage Emporium (incidentally one of my new favourite places) Snow postcard: Highgate Cemetery. St Alban etching postcard (peeking out behind): St Albans Cathedral


  1. Ohh, these clothes are so beautiful and classic, Amy! VERY jealous of your grand European finds. Both blouses will look so lovely with that cape..

  2. Awesome post!