Monday, 1 August 2011

And it goes by the name of London...

The song that line is taken from in Sweeney Todd may not exactly conjure up the best image of our great capital, but it's all i could think of on short notice. In an hour or so I'm going on a short break to London with my family (and hopefully meeting up with some much missed friends) so i'll be away from all things internet. This does mean my other Anne Hathaway's Cottage photos will be a bit delayed, which is slightly upsetting. But I'm so excited about our trip! The galleries, the exhibitions, the shops, the shows (I believe 'Shrek, the musical' is on the cards) maybe Blenham or Kew Gardens on the way home, i can't wait! Also going to be doing some research and finding inspiration for a new and very exciting project, which you'll be hearing about soon if all goes well. Hope you all have a lovely week, and the weather stays nice wherever you are. See you next week! 

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