Saturday, 27 August 2011

Blackberry horse goes a'blackberrying

Where is the summer going? There was me thinking I still had plenty of time to do all my various little summer projects, and now the blackberries are out. Well, sort of. Admittedly I did insist we headed out blackberrying a little too early, but what with the crazy weather we've been having the poor little bushes didn't know what to do with themselves. Big swollen black berries rubbed metaphorical shoulders with red ones, green ones and even the odd blossom. So it wasn't perhaps the best time to go, but we gathered enough between the four of us for a sizeable crumble, and a berry salad the next day. Plus had a gorgeous day out on a hill, and finally used my polaroid 300 instant, so i'll be using that a lot more soon hopefully...

It never fails to amuse me how my camera can be really sharp (top photo) and randomly blurry (above) within moments of eachother...fickle beast

 As well as my knees, I want to share a new project with you...from next wednesday (which is our official launch) you'll be able to find me on The Fabelist site, writing about artsy things and sharing some more photography. I'm just a minor contributor, but there are some fantastic artists and writers there so please please do check it out and follow us! So excited. Hope everyone's enjoying the last few weeks of summer...

Mmmmm fresh berries

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