Tuesday, 19 April 2011


I have to admit, I am ever so slightly concerned about doing this post for fear of doing an injustice…which is extraordinarily silly, because it’s the one thing so far I was certain I wanted to blog about, and then was given the perfect excuse to do so. Last Friday me and three lovely friends went the launch of Olive’s new first floor, and it was just a really beautifully thought out evening. I’d managed to stop myself from going in and seeing the floor before its official launch and so was even more struck by it all.Whoever does the shop design and styling there is a genius, everything is always put together so well so that every item is shown off to its absolute best, nothing’s overtly showy-off but also nothing’s hidden away; all understated, inventive and dangerously tempting.


  And Friday night was no exception to that. There were the usual nibbles and drinks but all done as classily as could be expected, with a little quirk (especially loved the absolutely giant balloons.) 

note the unfortunately hidden boxes

And on top of that the staff have the perfect balance of looking amazing, being subtly present and really genuine in their interest; rather than overbearing which always makes me nervous! There was a best dressed competition, which was thoroughly deserved by the gorgeous winner (there was a photographer there so hopefully I’ll find a link to someone who covered the event a tad better than me.) But everybody there was upsettingly well dressed, and it one of those very frequent times when I wished I was more confident and so could have spoken to and photographed people, it was such a gold mine of outfit inspiration. Alas, such is my social awkwardness that cunningly people-less photos will have to do. 

And of course, I couldn’t go and not finally buy something from there, especially with the discount (It’s not massively expensive and so worth it, but shopping guilt is rife with me) so am now the proud owner of these gorgeous deep red shorts – which one day I’ll be brave enough to team with a silk shirt and bow tie or ribbon. Sigh. 

This cream cotton dress was also gorgeous, it has a little lace collar on it and was the perfect length, but i had to leave it unfortunately. Maybe another day. Plus i really should have turned the shorts round.

 And speaking of who is a gentlemen, as I was yesterday, Olive are starting to stock Mr Natty’s products ever so soon, which although I do not have a flowing moustache or beard I am still tempted by. May have to buy them ironically for my smooth-faced male friends just for the vintage style packaging and ‘tally-ho’ attitude


  1. i love that dress! thanks for following me :)

  2. It's lovely isn't it? I can't wait till Olive get their website up and running. Like me, they're rather new to the cyber world x

  3. Great photos! I really want that black phone in the third picture:)
    Love Änglamark.