Thursday, 14 April 2011

And how should i begin?

First post, and how should i begin? Hello the much as I would love to be a Victorian heroine and address all and sundry as ‘reader’ I think that would be a little odd (although probably fitting, considering how wide my readership will actually be. Not that that’s a bad thing, this shall merely be an exclusive effort) so until we are better acquainted, ‘the internet’ shall have to do…or ‘you lot.’ So, you lot, here you are, here I am, I expect we should introduce  ourselves. I’m Amy, a 19 year old English student, which is huge amounts of fun, trying to find more inventive ways of using my barely-there spare time. Which has lead to much Procrastibaking, and now, Procrastiblogging…I’ve never really had a scrapbook or a diary, but I like to record things that interest me, and now I want to share them, because the world is a pretty silly place really and more people should be aware of this fact. So this little outlet shall henceforth be filled with things that I find, or places I go, people I know, foods I bake, stuff I make. So that’s me…you? 

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