Saturday, 16 April 2011

A day without laughter is a day wasted

Happy Birthday Chaplin! I had got myself muddled and thought this was yesterday, however thankfully not...and I did honestly try to find a good poem about ol'Charlie, but alas that wasn't so successful (there is one he apparently wrote, but it is debated whether it's genuine, so I thought I'd play it safe) anyway, today would be his 122nd many happy returns. I confess, I have not seen nearly as much Chaplin as I would like, which is a constant sorrow to me; all my limited knowledge comes from a few snippets and this lovely exhibition at London Film Museum I saw last summer. But that was enough to convince myself he was a suprisingly attractive genius and I have often promised myself to watch more when I have time! The Moveum is actually an amazing place, so there may well be a post on it if I go back with more space on my camera

And right after we'd finished the Moveum, there was a Chaplin-imitation street performer along the river just to complete the theme. I was a bit dubious to start with, but he was actually very good and more subtle than i'd expected (plus the small audience boy he picked out turned out to be comedy gold) though unfortunately my poor old camera had had enough by then, so this is slightly stolen from my friend Tom, who is a far better photographer anyway 

The only Chaplin I've really seen is an early little film-ette called 'Floorwalker', courtesy of my tutor. This is before some of the real Little Tramp greats, but I'm sure will stick with me as my first real exposure to Chaplin and is well worth a look at. This beautiful little dance sequence is quite simply wonderful...

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