Friday, 11 November 2011

Shameless Toffee Apple theft

I had meant to do a big Halloween baking extravaganza post, but naturally the week just raced ahead without me and so that fell by the wasteside somewhat. But these, made by a lovely friend for our Halloween party, were just too darn good to be left hovering on my computer like the ghosts of caramel past. But hopefully a bake-fest post WILL be on its way with some recipes, following an Amnestea tomorrow afternoon (my peanutbutter-apple cookie dough is already in the fridge, and chocolate and blueberries poised for brownie making) Watch this space!

Rumkin (Rum and Pumpkin) Pie, and some sneaky Rumkin flapjack in the corner there

Also extraordinarily excited about the launch of Olive's online store tonight, although so very sad I wasn't in Cheltenham for it. Writing this while wearing a pair of their knee-patch leggings isn't quite enough, although it shall have to do for now. Have marvellous weekends everyone!

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