Thursday, 3 November 2011

Tipping my cap to the raging sun....

  from 'All my Rage' Laura Marling
Goodness me, what a poor blogger I've been. Even the stress of essays I don't understand, and having an INCREDIBLE evening to write about doesn't seem to have spurred me to my post-world, so major apologies about that. About 2 and a half weeks ago now (crikey) I travelled back homewards with some lovely friends, to the beautifully familiar (and just plain beautiful) Gloucester Cathedral to see Laura Marling! It was just the most gorgeous evening, it's really the perfect location for a gig like that; all ancient, echoey, substantial yet somehow delicate, powerful and tranquil. Sort of like LM's music I suppose. Old songs were lent a new feeling with her more mature voice (and the addition of whistling in Night Terror is a stroke of there anything this woman can't do?!) and the whole experience pulled me firmly in love with her new album as well. There were tears shed, i won't lie. Plus I was introduced (literally) to a new-to-me band, The Leisure Society. Musical excellence all round! One of my friends wrote a far more eloquent review than I could ever struggle through here, so please do read THIS

 In other news....well, nothing I'm doing currently could live up to this, but I have our college Hallowe'en party tomorrow (later today if one was to be pedantic) and the baking extraordinaire behind this blog recently made the mammoth task of carving a pumpkin that's been sat around looking shifty for a while. I've already been introduced to the wonders of Rumkin (that's rum and raisin heard it here first, though I can claim no credit aside from providing the rum) and am mentally planning an epic day of costume hunting and Hallowe'en themed baking; pumpkin pie (also relevant for my Mrs Lovett costume!) as well as dark-like-my-soul brownies, pumpkin cupcakes,flapjacks and cookies, toffee apples. I can't wait! Shall try and share some of this with you, but for now have an excellent friday and weekend....

 Also, found this video of my absolute favourite song from the gig, thank you youtube and oWILo!

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