Saturday, 7 April 2012

Damsels in DC: Blissful bookshops...

I don't quite know why all my posts require alliteration at the moment, but they do. You could not take two rather geek-loving literature students on any holiday without expecting some bookshop trawling. Armed with some insider advice, we went a'hunting. And were not disappointed, there were so so many little independent or secondhand shops everywhere(although we did also have to go into a Barnes and Noble)Here's some of our favourites...enjoy!

Day One - Kramerbooks
We somehow managed to be staying literally a minute away from this one, bookshop and cafe by day, bookshop and bar by night. We never ate here, but went in there several times to browse and the shope design just made me happy 


 On the first day we also ran into a brilliant basement secondhand bookshop near the crossing of Wisconsin/Resevoir Avenues (?) just called USED BOOKS. Sadly I didn't get any photos in there, it seemed like an Aladdin's Cave, and a mysterious place...Next time.

Day Four - Capitol Hill Books
I've seen some packed bookshops in my time (Moss books in Cheltenham for example) but this was insane. Every nook was crammed with things, and what was even more amazing was the fact it was actually in alphabetical author and genre order. Very impressive.

 Day Nine - Politics and Prose 
A real thinker's scene this one, there was a rather intense political talk going on when we went in, so me and my friend went searching for literary wonders (there are many, MANY, photos of us with our favourite finds, but I won't bore you even more with them) instead of paying attention to that. You had to talk a busride a bit out of the centre to get here, but it was obviously well known and well worth it. Especially for the pizza and pingpong that followed. But that's a tale for another day. 

So I said I wouldn't post a photo of a book...but we were so excited to find the book of one of my favourite procrastinatory sites ever Hark a Vagrant which I've never come across before in print. Brilliant.

Sorry for the long post and poorly aligned photos. Happy Easter to all! And many commiserations to the poor rowers today, what a crazy race!


  1. Yes - bookshops are where it's at! I'm such a book worm - these shops look lovely! X

  2. There are really some amazing bookstores.

    Like we having Housing Works here in NYC. Cheap books and good drinks in the cafe in the bookstore. Plus proceeds goes to AIDS NYC.

  3. Wow what an amazing store!! I haven't seen such a store like that before, don't think we have it here in Holland.