Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Shake it out October

I WILL be a better, more consistent blogger. I promise. Starting...tomorrow? Why not? With returning to university, in a shiny new year and shiny new room, I am really trying to commit to new things, and stick with old ones. So posts may be a tad less frequent (and I WILL post with the marvellous Fabelists) but until I get my interweb head on, here is my song of the moment. I never went off Florence, obviously, but for a while she's been lingering in the ether of my music consciousness. Comfortably in the back. On shuffle. I was interested, not majorly psyched about the new album. And then I saw this video and was literally just hooked; it's 80s power ballad/Total Eclipse of the Heart enough so make me very pleased indeed.It's so wonderfully, almost self indulgently Gothic, the costumes are fantastic, and I know a fair few people for whom Devil-shake-flailing is the dance of choice (I'd like to say 'myself not included' but it would be a lie.) Plus the shots of smiling Florence of the ending (4.21 ish?) are gorgeous...

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