Saturday, 2 July 2011

Summer Adventure #1

Goodness, back home a week already! And I can't really think of what I've been doing this past week, mostly catching up on sleep and telly I'm afraid, and planning what I'm going to do in the rest of the summer when I have energy and it's sunny! But I don't have to return to my recipe backlog yet, as last weekend, having been fetched from uni me and the family then travelled up to Wrexham to visit my sister. I was already looking forward to seeing her obviously, but wasn't really counting on getting any blog ideas from the trip.Until...

On the sunday we drove up a bit further to Trevor (a wonderful town name, incidentally) and went to the stunning Pontcysyllte Acqueduct. Despite spelling difficulties and my ever so slight fear of heights (combined with my mother's rather large fear of both heights AND water) it was definitely worth walking over the acqueduct itself to see the views over the valleys and hills around. Just lovely.  
Yes, that would be a sheer drop on the other side of the canal

And from man-made to natural wonders, for lunch we went to Pant-yr-Ochain near Wrexham. The food was wonderful (definitely did not need all three courses but everything was so good!) the indoor decor was just to my taste (ie. lots of books, nice crockery and vintage prints) but they had the most lovely gardens, including lots of roses. So naturally, I can't resist sharing my photos of them with you. Apologies, there are a fair few...

Who could resist a close up of these?

Also, my blog appears to be mixing up all my posts, so I'm even less chronological than usual..hurrah! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend 



  1. What a gorgeous bridge! Very Harry Potter-y!

  2. What a gorge bridge ... the view is amazing! {though, I am slightly fearful of heights and would be fighting the creepies a bit if I were up there! :)}.

    Yeah, glad to know that I am not the only one who catches up on a bit of sleep while on vacay :) They don't call it beauty rest for nothing!

    ♥ Cat brideblu